Dating sites for singles over 40: Select the one that works

You need an online platform to start dating over 40 - and we’ll help you

Mature singles of the past often felt doomed to spend their lives alone: the stereotype about everyone getting married and creating families in their 20s was extremely popular, so many singles over 40 who could have been great loving partners ended up single. Nowadays, the situation has become completely different: people live longer, have access to better and more diverse food, medicine, cosmetics, and health industry in general, we’re more educated and get more information about the world with the help of the internet - so we stay young for a longer time. Nowadays, it’s pretty normal for many singles over 40 to start dating again: sometimes relationships collapse, and sometimes young people simply don’t want to settle down, and decide to do it later in life - in both cases, dating sites for people over 40 can improve their dating experiences and increase their chances to succeed a lot.

Business knows that it should pay lots of attention to people’s needs and interests - so new online dating sites for over 40 appear regularly. On the other hand, many mature singles don’t want to make their age their most prominent feature while looking for love and affection - so lots of mature people use regular dating websites instead of top dating sites for over 40. You can use both approaches: if your potential partner’s age plays a huge role for you, a special service is the best one for you, and if not - then a huge list of popular options is open for you. In this overview, we’ll show you different options you can use for a successful online dating experience - so choose wisely!


If age plays a huge role in your relationships, then the best dating site for over 40 is clearly SilverSingles - and you should check it. This place is one of the most advised options for people in their 40-60s, so you can be sure that all the potential partners you can come across there are mature and experienced people who are seeking older partners just as you are. You can install an iOS or an Android app, so it’s convenient and pleasant to use it. SilverSingles positions itself to be a serious service for high-quality dating, so it’s not exactly free: though it has a trial version, it has a very limited number of functions available - so the service makes users understand that payments are required. Give this service a chance: it tends to create a very good first impression on most potential users, and it can actually be helpful for everyone interested in serious relationships and marriage.


While this service isn’t made just for mature singles, it still appears in most overviews of the best dating sites for people over 40. This service is all about serious approach and long-term romantic adventures that are full of commitment and have high chances to lead to marriages. If you like psychology and feel that deep mutual understanding is crucial for every couple, if you want your partner to have similar traits of character and interests to yours, then you need this site. It offers a quiz to understand your personality and preferences better, and only after it, you can create an account and start dating online - so you won’t have any users with clear profiles and undefined preferences there. The site uses math to make better matches, so if you believe in math and science, then you should try this site - who knows, maybe its algorithms can actually help you find true love!


Everyone knows about Tinder: this app has become extremely popular worldwide, so people of all ages and nationalities use it to meet local singles. It’s not a service that promises that you’ll find a long-term partner there - but it’s clearly a site that has so many active users, that almost everyone can be sure to find someone for (at least) a short romantic adventure. The simple and game-like match-making system asks you just to swipe left or right and encourages flashy decisions: it’s claimed that lots of people create the first impression in a few seconds, so the site asks you to decide rapidly. The service constantly appears in the tops of the best dating sites for 40 and over (even though it’s an app), so you can be sure that you’ll have at least some results there. It’s controversial whether you should look for potential spouses and serious partners there - but older people often want to find something more than just hookups, so you can succeed.


This service is for people who prefer to think carefully and make balanced decisions: Hinge is for serious approach, so you won’t find swipes or flashy dates there. Instead, you should go through every match one by one and learn a bit more about every person - so it stimulates more mutual understanding and communication. It’s not the service made just for mature dating, but it’s totally suitable for them: everyone who wants to have something serious should try it. You can see people who liked your personal page, and you can use it via your smartphone if you want to - so it’s convenient and provides enough opportunities for high-quality online dating.


This service is not for younger singles - in fact, it’s only available to those who are 50 and more, so you can be even too young to create an account there. This service is a perfect option for people who don’t want to compete with younger singles on a dating pool, and for those who require mature partners of the similar age for themselves: age makes people more experienced and wiser, so if you’re cool with your age and what you expect from relationships, then this site can be great for you. Though this service isn’t free, it gives you a three-day trial to see whether you like the service or not, and it also guarantees to give your money back if the service won’t help you. On the other hand, its paid version isn’t much more functional than a free one, but at least you can send messages to other people - so it’s recommended to pay for subscription to really enjoy and use it.


Singles over 40 have different reasons of why they are single: some people had to go through tough breakups, and others pursued their careers for many years - and if you’re the second type, then this service is for you. EliteSingles is made for ambitious and hardworking people with higher standards of life, comfort, and dating: adults who have nice jobs and can afford to live their lives well, want partners who can keep up. If you’re a person who wants to date a stranger who’s as ambitious and successful as you are, then it’s advised to look for them on this site - it’s not free, but you can probably afford it.

Finally - a service that is available to everyone who is ready to receive love and give it back. is a convenient and effective platform for singles of all (legal) ages who want to find either short-term romances or serious relationships, so if you’re into dating over 40 and expect to do it conveniently and easily, then create a profile and experience the best!