How to conquer the man of your dreams?

On the spot a dream of a dream man every woman without exception would like, and each wants to do so as soon as possible, so that no other hunter can snatch herself such a tasty morsel. Some at the same time include their own instincts, others act on the advice of girlfriends or psychologists, but no one can answer for sure what is the surest way to conquer a man. You know, it is much more difficult to defeat him if you are overwhelmed by feelings and emotions, since in the process of seduction it is better to act according to the principles of cold and sober calculation, and what logic can we talk about when a woman is in love?

So, suppose that the object of your dreams has already been chosen, and now it remains only to think out a plan for its conquest. For a start, it will be enough to shoot your eyes from under your long eyelashes and pick a lock between your fingers. A smile, too, will not be superfluous, as it always disposes to pleasant communication. Many men complain that women, as a rule, first show themselves in the role of the Snow Queen, a kind of impregnable ice rock, and when he turns away from her in search of something warmer and more pleasant, the girl immediately begins to change tactics, realizing that with her cold she just scared off the "booty." And then she starts to achieve it herself, write messages, call and so on. And here they give such types of games as applications and online friv games on According to various researches such games as logic, trivia, memory and puzzle friv could help you to avoid dementia and forgetfulness.

It will be much more effective and pleasant for both to send a soft smile to a man, as if to say that you can simply and pleasantly communicate with you. But you should not forget about the riddle and that there should not be a hint of vulgarity in your appearance. If a man has long been familiar to you, but you would like to cross the line and move on to the next step in dealing with him, then you should use a slightly different tactic. First you need to “feel the ground” under yourself, that is, to understand for yourself what is first and foremost important for the man sitting in front of you. You know, as they say: a man wants to see in his woman an excellent hostess and mistress. So, you can hit him with bright and unforgettable sex, or surprise with abilities in cooking. But in the first case, you can spoil everything by transferring the status of relations to the category of one-time, and in the second - to frighten a man with your desire to get married.

If you do not consider it shameful at this stage of dating a man to go to bed with him and at the same time are confident in your ability to have sex, then all the trump cards lie before you. Make the evening truly unforgettable, show everything that you are capable of, so that a man wants to see you in this form more than once. Well, in the morning, surprise him with your care, while clearly making it clear that the whole world has not come up against it. Even after sex, it is important to realize that a man does not belong to him to the end. We live in a world where the rights of women and men are almost equal, so do not blame yourself for the weakness regarding sex, but do not forget to preserve dignity after it. You are a beautiful, self-confident woman, and no male can confuse you and make you wait, because if not this one, then there will be one who will really appreciate what he has.