Writing a functional resume

Resume is the best helper of a Careerist in the search for his favorite job.

To answer the question - how to write a good online resume service, how to write a good resume, how to write a resume that will give you the advantages of a job, first you need to have a good idea what a resume is, and of course - at least once look at a sample resume. And by learning the secret of a resume and skillfully applying the rules of resume writing - you will have a better chance of getting the job you want.

Sometimes this small document of A4 format can open for him the doors that can't be opened even with the most cunning "picklocks".

The style of the resume directly affects how the recruiter will behave with the candidate during the interview, what questions to ask him, what starting salary offered.

So the resume can be seen as the first line of the candidate at the interview. So that it does not become the last, it makes sense to approach the matter seriously.

What are the advantages of a resume to order?

Individual style, the resume is created strictly for the goals, objectives and experience of the client, and only him.

Full compliance with international standards. It does not just list the job and responsibilities, but highlighted the key skills and achievements of the candidate, which in fact, and "sell" the candidate to the company.

Please note: we do not just translate the resume, but localize it, i.e. we translate it according to the mentality of Western recruiters.

After all, if you need a resume, you are likely to submit it to all companies or their branches. Western recruiters and managers prioritize differently and pay attention to those skills that may be insignificant to employers.

Clear and modern layout. It's easy to read and just visually makes a pleasant impression on recruiters.