Neverwinter: Overview Friv Games

Neverwinter was announced 3 years ago, and then it immediately became clear that thecreation of Friv5Online Studios would have only a indirect relationto the famous BioWare and Obsidian Entertainment dilogy. Authors City of Heroes and Star Trek Onlinepromised a rather strange hybrid of single and multiplayer RPG in which players could go through the story in solitude, connect scripts made by the users themselves, and only if they want to call friends for help together to look for adventures on their fifth point. No PvP was planned, and joint meetings with other players would be allowed to be allowed only in specially designated locations ... After a while, the Chinese company Perfect World , widely known in the Asian MMORPG market, became Neverwinter. Here, of course, many people twisted their fingers at their heads and placed a cross on the project. And in vain.

It is clear that we all feared: that Neverwinter would turn into a common and trivial banal MMO, only in the well-known setting and with the proud postscript “according to the rules of the fourth D & D edition” in the press release. Naturally, few expected that the publisher would be so stupid and would make Neverwinter the same Perfect World or Lineage 2 - with endless “grind”, “cute” heroes, flying under the clouds on the wings and virtual weddings. But the prospect of getting an improved version of Dungeons & Dragons Online is also somehow not particularly pleased. All this we have already seen. The most interesting thing is that the concerns about the usual MMORPG at the same time were justified, and no.

In general, this is really a classic online rolevka, which, as it seems at first, differs from the others only in the presence of a branded system for D & D and a well-known role-playing system. When generating a character, we are offered the usual races (among others there are old familiar tieflings, half-orcs and half-elves) and classes not less famous in the fourth edition - here guardian fighter, and created clerik, and control wizard, and others.

All of them, of course, differ in skills and starting characteristics, and, as in the board game, you can roll a die to get a different result. There are even unique class “fits” in place, giving different passive bonuses and allowing to fine-tune the character.

Accordingly, each class preaches a unique style of combat. Thus, a cleric puts on massive spells that not only cripple enemies, but also heal him and allies, a thief can quietly sneak up on enemies, and guardian fighter loves to put tags on opponents to get bonuses in battle with them.

However, the two parts of Neverwinter Nights taught us that there are not only battles, "bosses" and dungeons, but also branchy dialogues, moral choices, conversations with partners in raised voices. So, all this in the official story campaign is not. You can choose a place of birth and features of the biography of your hero, but, unlike, for example, Dragon Age , it doesn’t affect anything here, the developers, you have to give them their due, honestly warn you - all the characters start the game in one place and with the same quests. All class, racial features do not affect the passage of the script. They have partners, but you cannot chat with them: companions help in combat and give you various bonuses to characteristics and skills.

It's simple - Neverwinter is in danger and under siege, and even someone has stolen the royal crown. We, of course, are urged to help, find, save and kill everyone. At first, the campaign attracts with well-placed rollers, voiced dialogues and even some non-trivial tasks, when we are asked to investigate and get on the trail of the kidnappers.

But rather quickly everything is leveled to the mechanical distribution of dozens of single-celled quests in the spirit of “go, find out what's wrong, kill 10 orcs and collect 5 of their scalps. And then kill another 15 more powerful orcs. And be sure to find and neutralize their thick-skinned leader. ” And so in a circle. Sometimes, of course, there are slightly more interesting situations when, for example, we act as a local exorcist and accompany a woman possessed by demons to the hospital, occasionally giving her medicine. But the essence does not change there: fight, fight and fight again.

All this is all the more insulting that the authors of Star Wars: The Old Republichave already proved that within the framework of the MMORPG it is quite realistic to make a non-linear plot with different starting locations and tasks for each class, moral choices, the influence of conversational skills and other features of the character on the content and results of quests. That's where the beautiful videos, and the voice of each dialogue were justified. Why voice educational messages or long monologues explaining why and why you need to go to the next problem area, report back to the next captain and kill 20 next orcs?

However, the beauty and uniqueness of Neverwinter is that there is not only an official campaign and two story additions to it. The authors have implemented an organically integrated editor that allows players to create their own adventures. And implemented very well.

Right in the game, you can go to the wall of job offers, or to a special character and see the list of available user scripts. And their, sorry for the expression, above the roof. And among this abundance comes across a lot of very interesting and much more exciting than the official campaign, adventure. There is a moral choice, and complex, interesting dialogues, and puzzles. As well as scandals, intrigue and investigation. So, in one scenario, we have to investigate the strange murders in Neverwinter, along the way, getting into a showdown between the powers that be. In the other, play as a ninja trying to prevent a nuclear war.

All modules are provided with detailed descriptions, reviews and ratings. And you can choose to get involved in a dangerous adventure, oriented to the joint passage, or prefer a scenario for one player with a bunch of dialogues and the need to make choices that affect the story. Bored of the main plot? Please go through the campaigns created by other players, “swing”, have fun, while remaining within the vast living world, where you can always talk to someone or ask someone for help. Thus, the authors realized, not in words, but in practice, a game that was equally interesting both in the "single" and in joint adventures.

Yes, yes, even without custom content Neverwinterdelays Firstly, everything is very beautiful and atmospheric. The developers competently maintain the overall gloomy style of the original and at the same time draw truly epic, diverse, full of details and magnificent architecture of the location. The most striking example is, of course, the capital, the title city of Neverwinter, in which it is easy to get lost. Quiet streets and noisy squares, taverns, gateways and palaces - everything is here.

Secondly, it is interesting to fight here. The game uses a trendy non-target-system, forcing you to target the enemy, to be guided by him and in time to avoid attacks. At the same time, in fights, indicators familiar to D & D are constantly calculated, for example, the chance of evasion and block. Thirdly, it is also interesting to “swing”, discover new skills and “fits”, receive bonuses from equipment, artifacts and partners (the latter can even be sent to individual adventures within the Sword Coast Adventures web application). It does not bother to save various specialized currencies issued for participating in some special scenarios or for performing certain actions (for example, for prayers and offerings to the gods) - unique things are acquired for it.

Finally, many of the standard for any MMORPG elements - "crafting", professions, auctions, events and "raids" - are implemented very high quality, under the motto "everything for the player, everything for his convenience." So, here they are allowed to hire workers and send them to different tasks, so that they bring all sorts of useful ingredients for Kraft, develop crafts for you, and so on. In addition, you are always kindly informed when the next PvE “raid” begins, battles with other players in the arena or action, during which they give special rewards for going to the dungeon or double the experience for completing custom and daily quests.

It is in Neverwinteralso very convenient and unobtrusive. There is no mass hunt for beginners, duels and wars that have filled the edge of territory. Want to face off with their own kind? Please type the required level, wait for a special “Event” and go to separate arenas where players fight each other in “Dominance”, capturing and holding three points. There is also an interesting mode, where two teams first carry out quests for speed, fighting monsters, then they come together for life and death with each other and, finally, two different instances are performed in the final: one for the winners, the other for for losers.